Giants of Nazaré and TikTok close partnership for live broadcast of the international giant wave challenge

Giants of Nazaré and TikTok close partnership for live broadcast of the international giant wave challenge

The agreement also includes exclusive content and behind the scenes of the competition.

The biggest waves in the world are now on the leading short video entertainment platform. Gigantes de Nazaré, an international big wave surfing challenge that reaches its fourth edition in 2022, this season counts on the strength of TikTok in an innovative partnership to broadcast live sessions of the biggest waves in the world and behind the scenes of the challenge. The objective is to reach a new audience for the event and provide platform users with a possibility of unprecedented, engaging and impactful content.

Throughout the 2021/22 season in Nazaré (Portugal), Gigantes de Nazaré and TikTok will join forces to provide live coverage. Until December of this year and then between January and February 2022, two lives, with the free surf session and narrated in Portuguese, will put followers from all over the world face to face, in real time, with waves that can exceed 30 meters in height. height, the equivalent of a three-story building. Names like Lucas Chumbo, Pedro Scooby, Maya Gabeira, Carlos Burle and Justine Dupont will be in action seeking to redefine the limits of the impossible.

The schedule starts this Saturday (20), at 11 am in Brazil (2 pm in Portugal) in a live led by videomaker Cesinha Feliciano and with the participation of Lino Bogalho, entrepreneur and reference in logistics and safety for surfers and pilots who surf the gigantic waves. To follow the schedule of content and live streams scheduled for the season, visit the @gigantesdenazare profile on TikTok.

“At TikTok we strongly believe in the transformative power of sport and the way it provides joy and well-being, feelings that are part of the essence of our platform. With this partnership, we hope to bring even more entertainment and a lot of adrenaline to the surfing community! We’re rooting for another world record season at the Nazaré Canyon!” says Kim Farrell, TikTok’s marketing director for Latin America.

Trivia and behind the scenes: far beyond surfing with #GigantesNoTikTok

The giant waves impress and captivate, and as the public becomes familiar with the surfers’ feats, curiosity about “how is this possible” intensifies. Over the next few months, the #GigantesNoTikTok audience will have access to several live streams and special videos showing behind the scenes, from weather forecasting to assembling the ideal equipment, the challenge it is to face surfing in the extreme conditions of Nazaré.